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হেল্লো বন্ধুরা ,
আশা করি আপনার সব ভালো আছে..........

আজ একটি নতুন সিরিয়াল ব্লগ চালু করলাম ......এটি হবে বাঙালি টলি-নায়িকা দের ওপর....যারা আজ কাল খোলা খলি ঘুরে বেরাছে  (: -) .........
আশা করি ভালো লাগবে...

১. নন্দনা সেন (Nandana Sen)...
August 19, 1967 (1967-08-19) (age 42)
কলকাতা , ইন্ডিয়া

ভিডিও :

২ . স্বস্তিকা মুখার্জী  (Swastika Mukherjee)
     December 13, 1980 (age 28)
     Kolkata, India
Swastika Mukherjee (Bengali: স্বস্তিকা মুখার্জী), (born December 13, 1980 in Kolkata) is a leading Bengali actress at Tollywood. She is daughter of actor Santu Mukherjee. --> Wiki


৩ . পাওলি দাম (Paoli Dam)
Zodiac sign…Libra. My birthday is on October 4.
Sex before marriage…is fine. I don’t mind it at all. If two matured people are interested to have sex, then why should there be any inhibition?  
Bollywood is…every actor’s dream. But I don’t want to start from scratch and leave everything off and go there. If I get a good project, only then will accept it.
I feel sexy…all the time!  
A man can woo me by…his naturally good voice. There are some men who assume a fake accent and deep voice. That is disgusting.

সুনছি নাকি পাওলি দাম টপলেস করবে ............পারলে অবস্যই পোস্ট করবো...

৪ . পর্ণ মিত্র (Parno Mitra)

Cleavage: I don’t mind if it’s justified in the script. Also, a lot depends on the banner and the director. If it’s just to attract audience attention then I wouldn’t.
Bare back: Yes, why not. I wear bare-back outfits in real life too. It’s no big deal really.
Thighs: I would, but not at the moment because I don’t have a well-toned body!
Belly button: I have no mental block but for that I have to have a body like Mallika Sherawat!
Noodle strap: I know I can carry them off well. I know my body and I know what looks good on me.
Miniskirt: If my director asks me to wear one.
Tube top: Absolutely no problem.
Bikini: Again for that I have to have a well-toned body like Mallika Sherawat. But does Tollywood churn out such sexy movies where the heroines saunter around in bikinis? Our films lack that kind of exposure. We don’t have a Dhoom:2, do we?
Undress to show lingerie: If the script really, really requires me to do something like that then I will definitely give it a second thought.
Get wet in a transparent sari or dress: Oh yes, I would love to do it. Didn’t Sridevi create magic with the most sensuous rain song in Mr India?
Liplock: Yes, why not? I did it in my first film Ghat in Mumbai. (The film hasn’t released.) I was paired opposite a newcomer and he couldn’t kiss; I knew it the moment I kissed him!
Bed scenes: If it’s there in the script then why not?
Mouth obscenities or vulgar dialogues: If it’s a very big banner film then I would.
What is the boldest dress you’ve worn on screen?
I had done a photo shoot in Mumbai wearing a bikini! But nobody got to see it.
Would you do what Seema Biswas did in Bandit Queen (full frontal)?
Well, for that somebody has to make another Bandit Queen. Then I surely will. I mean, who wouldn’t?
How comfortable are you with your body?
I am very comfortable. But nowadays I am a little sad because I have put on weight, so I am not flaunting my body much.
What special care do you take of your body?
I do pranayam, control my diet, and occasionally drop into a spa and also go for an oil massage.
When home alone, you prefer going around in...
Hot pants, which are really short, and spaghettis! Outside, I often wear backless tops and micro minis.

আজ এই অব্দি ...........আবার পরে দেখা হবে.............কিছু নতুন কাহিনী নিয়ে.........

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